Current Research

Our current research aims to identify and characterize long noncoding and circular RNAs that regulate apoptosis in Human. We use various cell lines as the model system to conduct research at the biochemical, cellular, genetics and genomics levels. Additionally, we are interested in regulatory RNA modifications (epitranscriptomics) associated with apoptosis.

1. Cellular Studies: We use flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy to examine various cellular phenotypes such as cell death, proliferation, adhesion, motility and migration.

2. Genetics studies: We use diverse tools to over-Express or silence ncRNA activities in cell lines to unravel the effects of such manipulations on cell behaviour.

3. Biochemical studies: We exploit different biochemical approaches to examine protein/RNA amounts, localization and ncRNA:protein interactions.

4. Genomics studies: We take advantage of RNA-seq technology to screen the transcriptome for phenotype-related transcripts. Candidates are subsequently validated and functionally studied using cellular, genetics and biochemical approaches.


Our research is currently funded by 3 different TUBITAK projects, which also include funding for 4 research fellows.

KBAG 215Z081 (1001, 2016-2019)
KBAG 117Z243 (1001, 2017-2020)
COST CA16120 (COST, 2018-2021)